The design process begins with an initial consultation in which our landscape lighting designer will come to your location and work one-on-one with you to discover your desire and vision, to share ideas and to develop a basic concept of your project. Once the initial consultation is completed and we have established the criteria for fulfilling your needs, our unique, creative development process begins.


Within the next week or two, your landscape lighting design and/or detailed proposal is developed and presented to you at a second face-to-face meeting. At this meeting you will view a detailed representation of the completed project. We’ll go over your design with you in detail. Once you are pleased with the design, and provide deposit our lighting designer will give you a copy and provide another copy to one of our project managers. The project manager will begin installation on a date agreed upon by you.


CAD Landscape Design

At Lambs Landscape Lighting , our talented lighting design team and technical experts creatively and strategically craft each project to ensure the resulting design illuminates your property like a work of art. Our custom design and build solutions complement your property, whether it’s new or an existing construction.

Lighting Image Design

Contemporary Lighting Aledo 630 Lighting on Stucco 630