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Illuminate your residential or commercial property like never before with Lambs Lighting's all-inclusive solutions. From crafting the perfect ambiance for your front porch to ensuring your backyard or commercial premises are both aesthetically appealing and safe, our specialized outdoor lighting services have you covered.

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Services You Can Trust

Landscape Lighting Design

At Lambs Lighting, the customer journey starts with an in-depth initial consultation. We take the time to visit your property—whether it's a home or a business—to fully understand your specific lighting requirements and desires. This customer-centric approach enables us to craft a landscape lighting design uniquely tailored to enhance your property's overall beauty and function.

Landscape Lighting Installation

After the design phase, we deliver a comprehensive proposal within a span of one to two weeks. This document lays out everything you can expect, from patio illumination to detailed driveway lighting plans. Once you are content with the proposal and have made the initial deposit, our dedicated project manager will coordinate to schedule the lighting installation at a time that aligns with your availability.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor lighting systems are constantly exposed to environmental elements, necessitating regular upkeep. Our skilled technicians are proficient in handling various landscape lighting maintenance tasks, from mending cut wires to substituting damaged fixtures.


“Mr. Lamb brought his skills to three of our backyard projects. My husband surprised me with outdoor “moon lights” in 2010 and additional lighting was installed in 2011. The lighting allows us to enjoy the entire backyard at night. It is so relaxing to come home after a long day at work and walk the paths around the gardens. Mr. Lamb arranged the lights to highlight certain plants and trees. The “moonlight” and shadows bring a completely different ambiance to garden. He has rearranged lights as the garden grew or changed. Mr. Lamb has been wonderful on all of the projects.”

Mrs. Johnson

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We offer a wide range of services, from residential lighting installation and commercial lighting installation to specialized services like security lighting design and pathway lighting maintenance.


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